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Greetings and Introduction

BK-Engineering is a water tank manufacturer and a problem solving-oriented company.
BK-Engineering always embraces challenges with advanced technologies.
It pursues advanced, high-quality systems.
It has a goal of realizing an ordinary management system.
It manufactures reliable and safe water tanks.
It establishes a customer satisfaction system that understands the needs and requirements of customers.

Customer Contact Type Alignment Strategy !

Establish customer-oriented customization strategies !

Establish customer-oriented customization strategies !

BK-Engineering provides the best customer satisfaction in its field.
SMC Water Tank, Sales, Construction, Diagnosis, Repair, and Remodeling

  • Repair and MaintenanceRepair and MaintenanceCompletely change the standards at the
    lowest cost or properly relocate water tanks
  • DesignDesignDesign the reinforcement structure of
    water tanks, tank panels, and tank parts
  • RepairRepairCompletely repair tanks after
    understanding the root causes of the problem