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Development Concept

Development Concept

Characteristics and Features
(1) Corrosion resistance : No rust caused by chlorine gas.
(2) Cleanliness: Moisture is blocked even if condensation occurs.
(3) Prefabricated constructability: It can be connected by bolts using an impact machine due to the use of engineering plastic. Constructability is thus improved.
(4) Overseas advanced cases.


Item Spec Material Application
WBT-1035PHN M10x35mm SS400+HDG Assembly between
upper plates
WBT-1035PNSA2 M10x35mm STS304 (SS304)
WBT-1035PNSA24 M10x35mm STS316 (SS316)

Item Spec Material Application
WBT-1050PH M10x50mm SS400+HDG Assembly of the upper
plate and
the lateral plate
WBT-1035PSA2 M10x35mm STS304 (SS304)
WBT-1035PSA24 M10x35mm STS316 (SS316)

Item Spec Material Application
WBT-1460PH M14x60mm SS400+HDG Flange fitting
connection bolt
WBT-1460PSA2 M14x60mm STS304 (SS304)
WBT-1460PSA4 M14x60mm STS316 (SS316)

Item Spec Material Application
WBT-1058PH M10x58mm SS400+HDG Partition + lower plate
connection bolt
WBT-1058PSA2 M10x58mm STS304 (SS304)
WBT-1058PSA24 M10x58mm STS316 (SS316)

Item Spec Material Application
WBT-14120PH M14x120mm SS400+HDG Internal bracket
connection bolt
WBT-14120PSA2 M14x120mm STS304 (SS304)
WBT-14120PSA4 M14x120mm STS316 (SS316)