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Dry base pad prefabricated structure

Dry base pad prefabricated structure

Dry Pad Design and Product Configuration

The dry pad consists of a rotary height adjustable support, and upper and lower support plates. Each pad fixes both ends as connecting stands and forms a systematic structure.

Dry base pad prefabricated structure

General Comparison by Pad Construction Method

Item Wet pad Dry pad
Product Form
Pad Material Plain concrete + steel liner Steel pipe(100A) + SMC
Construction Method Mold → concrete pouring → curing → mortar plastering → curing Bolt connection type
Horizontal Settling Unsatisfactory horizontality and flatness
(poor base frame settling)
Horizontal precision construction is available
(full adherence of the base frame)
Durability (Strength) The compressive strength of concrete is fair. However,
mortar plastering, curing, liner, etc., are labile factors.
Modularized standardized products guarantee uniform
durability, with a safety level that is 8 times more than
the safety factor.
Corrosion Resistance Problem of rusty liner Corrosion-resistant material (rustproof)
Pad Air / 1,000 T 60 days 1 day
Pad Cost / 1,000 T (100%) KRW 26.9 million (36.4%) KRW 9.8 million